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Philip Ayres Hypnotherapy Birmingham and Walsall UK: Do you desire more control over your life or feel that you’ve lost focus. What can hypnosis help you with? You may be quite surprised to know that it can do more than you probably thought…

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About Phillip Ayres

Since 2004 I have been developing, researching and fine tuning how I’m able to provide a beneficial hypnotherapy service to my clients. Although the main focus is hypnotherapy, I also interweave this with subtle types of therapy. This therapy can inspire the subconscious mind to release its potential and help you let go of the years of torment of anxious suffering…

Contacting me couldn’t be easier and you can do this either by phone or email. Of course you get my free complementary consultation.

While you’re here take a browse around my Anxiety Hypnosis website, also you can get my 7 tips on how to overcome your anxiety.

Once you have made your decision to see me Philip Ayres Anxiety Hypnosis we can work together to help eliminate the issues surrounding your anxiousness. A Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today!

Philip is also a child anxiety therapist and is fully DBS/CRB checked.

Call me on the following numbers to book your appointment.

In the UK.  M: 07939 905 388

In the UK.   T: 01922 285 118


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