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Do you desire more control over your life or feel that you’ve lost focus. ANXIETY control our emotions and make us feel that we are out of control.

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  • Change yourself for challenging situations.
  • Experience physical & mental relaxation.
  • Learn rapid ways on dealing with your anxiety.
  • Gaining control over anxious feelings & fears.

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About Philip Ayres Hypnotherapy & Philosophy.

Anxiety is the biggest problem that men, women and children all face in today’s modern world. It can strike at anytime without prejudice. Anxiety also leads to many other illnesses with long term stress forming into chronic stress. Your body is not designed to cope with the high cortisol which is the adrenaline that you feel on a fright or flight situation. This can damage the kidneys, it also suppresses your immune system which can cause many other symptoms such as irritability, poor sleep, aggression, nervousness, worrying, skin irritations, blood pressure issues, migraines, heart palpitations, panic attacks, depression, and even leading to cancer. You have to be mindful of your health whether mind or body. You know what it feels like to have experienced some of these.

But what would it feel like to live a life without these many problems, having an anxious free life. You too could experience this. If you only knew how to stop doing what you have always done, that has took you down the avenue of anxiety. Take a look at the reviews on what people have to say how they feel once they see me and we help get them out of their anxious state on ‘what people are saying‘.

You mind and body were not created to be in a chronic state of stress, but this is how you live on a daily basis. Trying your best to get through the drudgery of the week, only to find that you have to make yourself better with alcohol and/or medication that only ever seems to increase with each passing month. Hoping to find a light at the end of the emotions tunnel where you might find happiness.

We are all conditioned to create and live a stressful life right from the day we are born until the day we die. Although we know that this doesn’t have to be like this. This is why when in the moment of sheer bliss there is only this moment in time called the NOW. We usually find these when we are with nature or on a relaxing holiday.

So my philosophy is to help you find the happiness within you and to get you to realise that there is no anxiety. We work on not just  your mind but also your heart energy too. The internal conflict has to stop if you want to live an anxiety free life.

I use many different forms of therapy to help people get over their problems and show them that there is another way to think and be happy. We are energy, anxiety, stress, fears etc. All leads to a negative energy that we somehow continually hold onto. I also work on the bio-electric field of the body in the form of Psy-Tap as well as using Hypnotherapy or even Reiki if it is required. We are all energy.

If you are at a time and place that you feel that you are not right and would like to seek my help then please feel free to contact me on 07939905388 or head over to my contact page to send me a message.

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While you’re here take a browse around my Anxiety Hypnosis website, also you can get my 7 tips on how to axe your anxiety.

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Philip is also a child anxiety therapist and is fully DBS/CRB checked.

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