Booking Your Consultation

I offer all perspective clients a comprehensive consultation which will provide them with the opportunity for us both to explore their needs in detail.

The consultation will include the following 5 points listed.

  • Opportunity to review in strictest confidence the individual’s particular circumstances.
  • Time for them to understand how my hypnotherapy by facilitating in their therapy, coaching solution to manage their anxiety.
  • An opportunity for both of us to agree an appropriate action plan to reduce their anxiety.
  • Q & A Session to insure that they feel completely comfortable as we move forward together.
  • To be made aware of other therapy that I offer such as Psy-Tap etc…

A brief Outline Of What Happens.

In the first session we take a history of your problem of what you have presented i.e.anxiety. We then find the best possible solution to deal with your specific needs. this may include Hypnotherapy, N.L.P. E.M.D.R. or Psy-Tap therapy. This is to help get the best and fastest result.

Sessions depend on the clients ability to accept the rapid changes. But everyone is different and we all progress at different speeds.

Food: It is important that you have a protein based meal before our session as the brain and mind work much better with protein.

Also full payment is required before our agreed session to continue.

A Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today!


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Call me on the following numbers to book your appointment.

In the UK. M: 07939 905 388

In the UK. T: 01922 285 118