Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should I Expect?

It is important for you to take advantage of my free ½ hour session, this can last longer and in most cases it does, but it is still free! This can be seen as a two way meeting. You can give me a more detailed description of your problem, along with any other history. I explain the process of therapy work that I offer and how you will expect to feel when you are better. I think it is also important for you to feel comfortable with me, so we can work together on getting the result you want.

After this with your permission we can go into a session. Here I shall gather some history of how you got where you are today, gathering this information is necessary so I can tailor your therapy to suit you, as an individual.

When it is time to receive your trance induction, here are just some of the signs of hypnosis you may be able to notice: fluttering of the eyes or eyelids; swallowing; feelings of heaviness or lightness, breathing more rhythmic and slower, time distortion; little muscle jerks in your hands, arms, feet or legs. There are other signs that I look for to know how your trance state is deepening.

When you are hypnotized, with a wonderful relaxed body, your unconscious mind will follow. From here your subconscious mind can be free to teach your conscious mind to learn and discover new ways of behavior. This is a pleasant sensation, however you are totally aware of where you are, and more important that you are in control. Because you really want to be in control and hypnotherapy support you to do this. Clinical hypnosis is not stage hypnosis, as you are not asked or told to do anything embarrassing. Also forget what you may have seen on TV shows like Little Britain or the old Hollywood movies etc.

Q2. What Happens At The End Of My Trance?

When the hypnotic session is over you come back to full awareness, where you feel good, refreshed and relaxed… Also you are safe to drive home. (Some problems may take different amounts of hypnotic sessions to get you totally healed)

Q3. Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Hypnotherapy is safe. Yes in the right hands and used in the right way then hypnotherapy is very safe. Hypnosis is used to bypass the logical, reasoning, conscious element of your brain in order to communicate directly to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is very powerful on its own, and monitors all of your actions and even controls those actions you don’t even think about, such as heartbeat, blood pressure, skin temperature, etc.

Q4. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

A good question, however we have all experienced different things in our world and no one has the same feeling or vision of anyone else. Therapy in general will have a set structure, but its approach must be fluid. This is to say that if I have to stop a client smoking in one session, I can but it will be important to find out why that person started to smoke; although many people do smoke, there are many different reasons why that person started to smoke also there emotional relationship to smoking and this may not be possible to do in one session, because there could be a lot of emotional baggage. When this is put right, stopping smoking is a simple process.

Q5. Can hypnotherapy cure my phobia?

Yes it can… Many of our negative inputs that we experience as children, we have learned from our parents. So if we see our parents fear a spider or a mouse for instance by screaming, we then copy this and our unconscious mind thinks this is the right thing to do! (What else can it do? It’s never been shown any other way) Through therapy the emotion is reset and a new behaviour is created.

Q6. Will hypnotherapy make me a perfect person?

No it will not; however what is a perfect person? I could argue that you are already perfect and your issues maybe interrupting this process of you feeling perfection, there is no instant magic wand to wave over you, but the change can begin soon as you decide to make those changes, and this become reality when you take those first steps to visit me. These problems will either reduce or be eliminated and you will be able to achieve to be the person you want to be… This may be the first time you experience just being yourself!

Q7. Will hypnotherapy always work?

This does work because people have come to see me to help them, and if you really do want it, it will happen for you. I receive a lot of referrals through word of mouth, other clients & the medical profession, doctors and dentists. These recommendations are brought about by satisfied clients. The only time when it doesn’t work is when clients don’t follow my procedure, this is the same as when you are given instructions on how to get to some place and you don’t follow them, e.g. on a map or recipe. So you get lost don’t you…?

I find some people will only visit a therapist if it works for their family member or friend etc, but these people base their success on other peoples failure, so if this doesn’t work for their friend etc then they won’t take therapy, this is poor negative thinking on their part, an example of this is many married couples get divorced each year, however this does not stop other couples from getting married each year.
Another point to consider is that the ego state of people are all different and sometimes the ego state of a client has just come for therapy to prove it doesn’t work for them. Why? because the ego wants to be right, weather this is of benefit to the clients needs or not!

Q8. Can I get trapped in the hypnotic state?

No! It’s as simple as that. A trained therapist is there to guide and help you when you are in your trance. You can come out of it at anytime, because you are always in control but I guide you for the full duration of your trance because you feel safe, comfortable and knowing that this will help you to change. Another example of this is when you are a sleep you are not trapped in sleep, that is why you wake up when the morning alarm clock goes off.

Q9. Will I lose control?

It depend what lose control means to you. If you mean do I lose the natural control of my bodily functions the answer is No! But to lose control of that old habit of living your life on auto pilot then the answer is yes! Because it comes down to lack of choice and control to start with, that is why you maybe wanting hypnotherapy. At this moment in time you feel you have no choice. I help you have choice and control.

Q10. What does it feel like to be in a hypnotic state?

We are all going in and out of trance states on a daily basis. When you go to sleep you are in a sleep state, when you cry, happy, sad and angry these are all altered states, children in a day-dream are in that altered state. Have you ever driven your car somewhere and when you get there you can’t remember how you did it, because you are driving on an unconscious state, but you would have been able to stop in an emergency if necessary?

So now knowing this everyone’s experience of this is down to the individual. But it’s a time to let go and relax, you may think you are relaxed now, but think for one moment, are your holding any tension in your shoulders, face, legs, eyebrows etc as you read this… So you may not be as relaxed as you think you are and in a trance you totally are relaxed… “Free from tension”

Q11. Should I take any precautions?

Hypnosis is a complementary therapy and not a substitute for your doctor’s expertise. If you have an illness or injury always seek your doctor’s advice. You may have already have done this and you may still be suffering with your fears etc, Now it would be a good time to contact me.

Q12. Can You Cure Me?

* A hypnotherapist is not allowed to say he or she can cure you, this is against the law dating from 1959, however we can bring about beneficial and therapeutic benefits that you may consider to be a cure!

Also coming for therapy and introducing a healing therapy into your life is away of helping you to be cured. So be aware if a hypnotherpist makes such claims…