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Here’s what some of my past and existing clients had to say…

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Gary Aldridge – Anxiety

“One day I decided to do something about I have felt for many years. My problem was I felt anxiety when talking to people and even more stressful at work if I was being observed by management. I was fed up of worrying all the time and it affected my life in many ways,
I only had two sessions with Philip and I fell so much more confident and he gave me many strategies to use to help me be more confident. After the two sessions with Philip, I went on to pass an assessment at work which involved teaching another person while being observed. I spoke with more confidence and felt I had turned a corner. No longer did I worry or mumble with my words.
I highly recommend Philip and thank him so much for the therapy- it really did work, I wish I had seen him years ago, but I bottled it up and even kept it from my wife, because I thought I was the only one that worried about speaking confidently. I now realise most people worry.Thanks Philip for your understanding and support. 02.05.2017

Mike Essington – Smoking

After numerous attempts to quit smoking I decided to try Hypnosis. Philip came recommended by another NLP practitioner who I first found on the internet. 12 days smoke free now and I’m the healthiest I have felt for years. I still had a few cravings but where usually I would have just had a cigarette, I thought back to what Philip and I had discussed and the so called craving was over in seconds if that. My advice would be to not bother with quit smoking aids that still give you nicotine and try Hypnosis with Philip. It worked for me and I know I’ll never smoke again. 03.11.16

Dean Birmingham – Gambling and low self esteem issues

Hi my name is Dean. I came across Philip by chance on the internet and he was local to me. I contacted Philip and explained my situation as being a desperate gambler with low self esteem about work and I needed help. Philip was very understanding and arranged for me to visit him that week. My first visit was very relaxing and friendly and I had the pressures of the world lifted of my shoulders just by being open and honest made my hole out look on life change for the better. Over the past five weeks in total, I stopped gambling and began to enjoy life. I’m not saying this is for everyone but Philip showed me the way to start living and be a better person for me.

Chris from Walsall – A lifetime of nail biting.

I had bitten my nails since I was at school, sometimes they would grow but I always ended up biting them again. I saw Philip in the attempt to end this. He stopped me on the one occasion. I now look forward to painting my nice long nails. Thank you Philip, I would definitely recommend him. 03.10.16

Gavin from Walsall – Stopped smoking in 1 session

 I had hypnotherapy to stop smoking on the 11 of September 2016 and have not wanted another cigarette since.  I really never believed this stuff would work, I had tried to stop many times over the last 15 years but being weak willed l  lasted a week at most. I can honestly say this time it feels different and I have an actual dislike towards cigarettes. Thank you very much Philip. With the money I have saved in the short amount of time since stopping, I have already paid for my holiday deposit and will pay the whole thing off with the saved cigarette money . Excellent service and will highly recommended Philip to anyone wanting to quit cigarettes. 03.10.16

Tony from Shelfield – Had High Anxiety & Stress…

It was & is a revelation. The anxiety & irrational dread I experience is greatly reduced & we are working towards eliminating my stress levels caused through personal & work related stress. Philip is patient, understanding & inspiring. Seeing & opening up to Philip is one of the best things I’ve done in recent years. I would recommend his service to anyone experiencing like issues. I consider Philip a valued friend. 26.07.16

Kerry from Walsall – I Was Suffering With Anxiety.

I would highly recommend visiting Philip Ayres if you are suffering with anxiety, I found him a massive help. Rather than thinking you can’t do things, he made me believe I can and not to worry so much. Each time I left his session I gained more confidence in myself and a better way of thinking.

Many thanks Philip. Kerry. 10.07.16

Dave from Willenhall – I Was Full Of Stress…

With the pressure of starting a new business and other stresses in my life, I met Philip in the hope that he would be able to help me cope. After only three sessions with Philip I am able to cope a lot better with what is going on around me. It is a friendly atmosphere and feel I am able to unload all my problems without being judged in any way. I would recommend Philip to anyone who feels there is no hope and unable to change things going on in their life as Philip has proved to me you can. Many thanks Dave 10.07.16

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Becky – I Couldn’t Eat Fruit Or Salad.

Becky-I couldn’t eat assorted fruit or salad. Aged 15 My daughter (now age 15) has had a fruit and vegetable phobia, from the age of 12 months; this was discovered once with feeding her mashed vegetables and puree fruit. It has been more than just a child not liking fruit and vegetables, she could not touch them, looking at them repulsed her and there was no way she could put it in her mouth. We have tried the firm approach, bribery ( even promised her a dog if she would eat a strawberry), I brought a book on how bodies works and why it is important to eat healthy.

We have seen the health visitor, school nurse, dietician, relaxation therapist and ended up seeing a psychologist every 1-2 months for 5 years. At the age of 12 we came to the end of the road, the psychologist threw in the towel and basically said no point in coming anymore.

I thought that maybe as she grew older, this may be something that she will overcome particularly as she is a gymnast and desperately wants to eat fruit and veg. Unfortunately three years on, her phobia got worse, she loves fruit pastels but won’t eat the ones shaped like fruit, or eat anything with a fruit label on, walking past a fruit and vegetable shop upset her. I decided I had to try again as Becky really wanted to get over this and for the sake of her health later on in life.

I started by trying to get her to pick an orange out of the fruit bowl. After many attempts she couldn’t pick one up and got really upset. A week later I was given Philips number. I decided that it was worth ago, we had a free consultation, after the consultation Becky had a session, I came back into the room to see a very positive daughter, she was full of what she was going to do when she got home, ( I couldn’t be too thrilled at the time because, numerous times she has walked away from the psychologist feeling confident and it was nothing I hadn’t seen before, as soon as we got home the defenses were up and the confidence and good intentions went away).

All the way home after her session with Philip she was so happy and excited. We got home and I said right then get an orange out of the bowl, she picked it up rolled it round in her hands, smelt it then she helped me to cut away the skin, I cut the orange into segments and she happily started to eat it and really enjoyed eating the whole orange! Next day she ate a portion of strawberries, day after carrots and peas, then after that grapes, melon, nectarine, pineapple, and broccoli. Salad was difficult. We had a 2nd session,

I explained to Philip that she enjoyed fruit, wasn’t over keen on vegetables and salad was a NO. When I came back into the room after the 2nd session, Becky had a bag of lettuce and a pair of scissors and happily cut away lettuce leaves and ate them. That weekend we visited relatives and a jug of pimms was put on the table, Becky helped herself to a mint leaf (I wouldn’t of dreamt of eating that!) and ate cucumber. For Sunday lunch we had green beans and carrots and she lapped them up without going through a thinking process. We are extremely grateful to Philip and can’t thank him enough; he has changed my daughter’s life and given her a better quality of life, her confidence has grown too. Also he was honest enough to say after the 2nd session that no more sessions were needed.

My only regret is that I didn’t know about Philip years ago. If anyone has a phobia or anxieties that are affecting your life it really isnǯt worth suffering. The therapy has worked better and quicker than I could ever have imagined and it was affordable too. Nicky Moore (mother of Becky)

Arthur from Pelsall- Anxious Father of the Bride Speech

I enlisted Philip’s help using hypnotherapy as I was very wary of public speaking, having not really done it before.

I had to perform the Father of the Bride speech and could not risk letting my daughter and everyone else down.

I also wanted to be able to play the guitar at the planned sing-song (during that lull between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast) and most of all I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed the whole day and experience, after all, it was costing me a small fortune !

I took all of Phil’s advice about the public speaking and made sure I practiced the speech both at work and also once at the venue.

I must admit, after the second session with Phil I was still unsure if anything we had done / talked about together would actually help.

Well I have to say that I had the most memorable and enjoyable day that I can remember. I had no nerves, I played my guitar and sang and my speech went like a dream.

The compliments I received afterwards were particularly rewarding.

Phil, all I can say is a big THANK YOU and for anyone who is thinking of enlisting your help, all I would say is, give it a go, Philip’s Hypnotherapy worked for me.

Regards – Confident Speaker

Soph from Pelsall – Fear of Trains 

Subway Approaching Platform

My fear of trains was stopping me from going places I enjoyed to go. I was fearful of stepping from the platform onto the train and the train itself. After a few sessions with Philip, I found the confidence and strength to get on one.

Philip got me to face the situation rather than going into myself and avoiding it. I would go into my little safe place in my head and hide but in order for me to face my fear, Philip kept bringing me back to the ‘here and now’ by making me laugh. I felt 100% safe and secure knowing i could count on Philip to guide me through the journey.

I am forever grateful Philip was there with me as i would never have done it on my own. I am now more happy and confident around trains. You are a wonderful, calm and caring person and a great joy to be around.

Thank you, Philip! So very very much. Sophia.

Tracy – Problem with deep anxiety

Hello Philip, I just wanted to express my thanks to you. I have been far more positive about work since coming for therapy. I am gradually becoming more confident again and what is the most important thing to me is the fact that I have come home and been able to say I’ve had a good day. I have enjoyed the children and have not cried! I still have a long way to go but feel I am well on the way to becoming a happy stable wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend and teacher. Incidentally Christmas with my Mother and Mother-in-law passed without me getting upset even though my mum tried her hardest to aggravate me.

I am learning how to put myself and family first by using your strategies of therapy. Thank you once again for helping to turn my life around. I was on the edge of another break down but thanks to you managed to get back on track.

Thank you for sharing your healing gift with me.

With fond regards Tracy.

David from Cannock – Anxiety with driving

‘After taking part in group and one to one therapy I thought Anxiety was something that would rule my life forever, however, after speaking to a friend who had undertaken hypnotherapy I thought it may be able to help me. I contacted Philip, after only the second session I was already doing things that would of previously made me anxious, driving on motorways, driving in rush hour traffic and even some of my OCD’s had gone. After only 5 sessions I feel as though I can carry on doing what I did before anxiety ruled my life, it has also given me inner strength in order to overcome daily challenges which would usually leave me anxious or stressed’.

Thanks again Phil! Regards.

Sophie from Walsall – Letting go of limiting beliefs

Hi Philip, thank you Philip for helping me overcome a bereavement, and for letting go of fears that were holding back my happiness and desires. I have enjoyed my sessions with you and always amazes me that what I think is the problem is something else entirely! Getting to and overcoming the true root of my sadness and fears has helped me to feel so much happier, calmer and more confident.

I am now that better version of myself and am really grateful for your help. You are such a calm, kind and caring person (with a great sense of humour!) and I feel completely safe in your hands. I know I can count on you just when I need you. And I always learn a new insight or answer to what’s going on.

I would recommend anyone reading this to just do it and get in touch with Philip to help you with make the changes you want.

Frazer form Walsall – Suffering OCD’s at school aged 13

Hi Philip Frazer was anxious yesterday but after picking him up from school he was quite upbeat, he has been able to tell me that it’s been a long time mum since I have had a normal day at school! It was lovely to see him smiling again! All thanks to you. I think Frazer in my opinion is beginning to get back to his normal self. Thank you for all you have done for Frazer it’s been a very long and a difficult journey for all of us, but it’s all behind us now.

I will hold onto you number for safe keeping! Forever in your debt thanks again.

The WARD family.

Sally – Came about alcohol

Hello Philip. How do i start, well basically I came to you a number of months ago and felt the need to inform you of my progress. While your treatment didn’t at first appear to work for me it helped me gain other forms of treatment to enable me to fully recover from alcoholism. I truly believe that had I not received this help from you I would not be typing this email in thanks today. My case was complicated in that I had failed to fully open up within our sessions and acknowledge the actual deep wound I was trying to mend, but thanks to the insight I gained from my treatment with you I recovered. I listen to your recording regularly via my mobile phone and headphones. Thank You, keep up the good work. You’re helping people to save their own lives. PS I now own my own business doing something I’m passionate about in which my children are able to be involved in being creative. When you are no longer afraid you can begin to live.

Yours thankfully Miss Sally Ann Jackson.

From Sharron in Aylesbury – Problem: Fear of Heights

I had always had a fear of heights and couldn’t even climb a ladder without feeling dizzy and sick. I have often forced myself to climb ladders but could never go up more than a few feet before ‘freezing’ – unable to move up or down. Someone suggested that hypnotherapy might help me overcome my problem and Philip’s name was recommended. In just one very relaxing session, Philip helped me to overcome my fear. I am now able to climb ladders and can clean my bedroom windows.

Thank you Philip for changing my life!

Mark from Shelfield – Fear of roller coasters

I had the therapy five months before I went to Disneyland and it worked better than I imagined, I went on the roller coaster rides and I am now hooked to ride them, well worth the experience and it made because my wife loves the roller coasters and we experienced the enjoyment together…

A big thank you Philip.

Dawn – To get control back

I listed to Philip’s advice, and the session on hypnotherapy that I had was an overwhelming experience, when I came out of trance I knew right away what I need to do to put my life back on track, Thanks Philip.

Jo from Walsall – Big fear of public speaking.

I was terrified of having to speak in meeting at work in my new job, but after seeing Philip I know what to do and with his hypnotherapy and NLP skills i was able to speak, and at work I came top in a group meeting we had to prepare from. Many thanks Philip.

Sally – Unhappy with bad anxiety feelings.

“Well, it’s been an interesting experience to be honest. I am now starting to accept and feel more comfortable in my own skin – which is a really great feeling. Thanks for working things through with me. It was lovely to meet you and if anyone ever asks to recommend a Hypnotherapist – I’ll know exactly where to send them!

All the best and thanks again.

Cindy – Problem: Anxiety

Well, it’s been an interesting experience to be honest. I am now starting to accept and feel more comfortable in my own skin – which is a really great feeling. Thanks for working things through with me. It was lovely to meet you and if anyone ever asks to recommend a Hypnotherapist – I’ll know exactly where to send them!

All the best and thanks again.

Mike – Problem: Alcoholic, fear, and anxiousness…

I was drinking a bottle of whiskey a day, with Philip’s intervention, guidance and help, I feel much better and with the therapy work Philip conducted on me, I can now drink sensibly without the fear of being an alcoholic.

Thank you so much for giving me back my life. Cheers Philip.

My 10 year old Son came about being terrified of thunder.

Only two sessions my son is able to go out and enjoy himself – He is no longer worried or anxious and he is growing in confidence , and he has even been out when it was bad thunder and lightning.

Thank you so much, Philip